Cash Back to Buyers
Cash Back to Buyers
Cash Back to Buyers


Cash Back to Buyers

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We know that when you buying a house, every penny you can save means a lot.  How about saving thousands.  That is why we are introducing this exclusive offer of Cash Back to the Buyer.  Most Realtors keep all of their commission, which is great, however we believe that the buyer should be rewarded for using us to make the biggest purchase of their life.  So what we do is give you back 1% of the purchase price.  That is giving you back a third of what we make.  Pretty good deal huh? 


This is how it works.  If you have a house in mind, we can focus on that property.  It doesn’t have to be one of our listings; it can be any house on the MLS.  However if it isn't one of our listings we only make half as much.  So if it isn't one of our listings we can still represent you in the transaction, but the 1% is reduced to 1/2%. Which is still a lot of money back, considering we are the only brokerage in S.W. Michigan that offers any money back. 


If you don’t have a particular house in mind, we will sit down and discuss what criteria for your new house are the most important to you.  Once we have those criteria we will create a custom website for you that immediately has any new listing with your criteria in your location included as a new listing (updated daily).  If there are any price reductions are changes to that listing you will be notified by e-mail.  You can look at that website at your convenience and save or reject each listing with the simple click of the mouse based on your preference. 


Once you are comfortable that you have narrowed down the ones that you want to see, we will take a look at each house until we find the right one.  Once you have chosen the one that is your DREAM HOME, we will negotiate until we have an accepted offer on the house.  The home will then be put into escrow pending any contingincies such as financing, inspections...  Typically it is 30 days of escrow until we go to closing and you get the keys to your NEW house.  We will give you the 1% in Cash at Closing.  You will walk away from the title company with your extra cash. 


With this extra money, you can pay your closing cost, remodel your home, start a college fund for you young ones, or just go take a needed vacation.  If you are in the market to buy a new house or any other type of property and would like cash back, contact us TODAY:  269-408-8626 (Cell:  208-4139)


You are probably wondering "How is this all free to me as a buyer?" Here's how:  In Real Estate the seller always pays the commission. As a buyer you are never charged for real estate services by the Realtor.  You pay the same price for a home whether or not you use a Realtor: The seller usually has already agreed to pay the listing agent a fixed commission - say 6%. So whether you buy the house by yourself or with a Realtor, the listing agent gets a 6% commission. Therefore, in most cases you cannot approach the seller for a discount, since the seller is paying 6% no matter what - either 6% to the listing agent, or a split of 3% to the listing agent and 3% to your agent. (Remember, this is where we come in: if you use us, we give you part of our 3% that we make).


Also For Sellers: We offer a discounted listing fee (i.e., we charge less than most other Realtors do).


This table will give you an idea of how much cash you will get back based on an incremental purchase price.


Purchase            Cash Back

Price                   to the Buyer

$100,000           $1,000 

$200,000           $2,000   

$300,000           $3,000 

$400,000           $4,000 

$500,000           $5,000 

$600,000           $6,000   

$700,000           $7,000 

$800,000           $8,000   

$900,000           $9,000   

$1,000,000        $10,000 

$1,100,000        $11,000 

$1,200,000        $12,000   

$1,300,000        $13,000 

$1,400,000        $14,000 

$1,500,000        $15,000 


** Green Towne Coastal Realty is pleased to announce the Cash Back program. We share the commission we make (paid by the seller) with the buyer when you purchase a house through us. The percent of cash is determined by the seller's pre-designated commission structure and the sale price of the property. If the buying agent commission is 3%  a check for 1/2% of the sales price will be given to the buyer. If the buying agent commission is lower than 3% we will give you a 1/6th of whatever the buyers commission is (1/6th of what we make).  Either way you make 1/6th of the total commission that we are paid.  If the sales price is less than $150,000 we give back 1/2% if it is our listing, or 1/4% of the sales price if it isn't our listing.


If you are interested in buying a house or any other type property and would like cash back, contact us TODAY:  269-408-8626